Join us for Solidarity Shabbat-שבת אחדות
October 26th-29th

Our hearts are broken but our faith is unwavering; in these difficult days we are mourning the deaths of over 1,400 of our Israeli family and many international citizens in the horrific terrorist attacks on Israelis and global citizens on October 7th; we are advocating and praying for the over 200 kidnapped Israelis being held unlawfully by Hamas. It is in these times when we come together to stand in unwavering solidarity with Israel and with all the victims of this terrible attack and ongoing war, to stand unified in the face of hatred and to proclaim our love and pride as Jews and as Conservative/Masorti Jews.

From Thursday October 26th and through Sunday October 29th, we, members of Conservative/Masorti kehillot, schools, camps, youth programs, Jewish centers, and communities across the Globe will gather in solidarity as we come together to mark the 3rd Shabbat since the attacks of October 7th. Collectively singing, learning, praying, engaging in person and online, our human chain will connect us to one another, across our communities and across the world, as we come together united in our unwavering support of Israel. Each of the many partners of our Conservative/Masorti movement will be sponsoring events at which all members are invited to participate from around the Globe. Participants will have access to a repository of curricular resources and through our website, everyone will be engaged with thoughtful spiritual and theological reflections across the event.